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Client Spotlight: Pony Rider and the inspiring National Project supporting National Parks and Wildlife


By occ

July 01, 2024
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About Pony Rider and The National Project

At Pony Rider we love our national parks, and that’s why we’ve started The National Project initiative. We also especially love our adventures, and it’s hard not to feel and be your best self when you’re out in nature. Now we could harp on about the emotional benefits of time spent in the great outdoors, but the truth is simple: when you get out in nature, it will totally take care of you, if you take care of it of course!

We have one body; one earth and they both need to be equally nurtured – so let’s do this!

Introducing ‘The National Project’ by Pony Rider, our social responsibility adventure with the intention of supporting humanity through advocating action-oriented adventures and projects in nature.

We always knew we wanted to give back and combining both our love for the outdoors and adventures to inspire change was a no brainer for the team at Pony Rider. But don’t be fooled by our big statement and words, as we’re the first ones to say that we’re new at this, and we are not experts in the non-profit area. What’s most important is that we are figuring out a way to encourage people back into nature, which not only benefits our health but goes a long way to preserving the natural and physical environment around us for generations to come.

The National Project is a work in progress and was kicked off with the Hut Restoration project and a promise that we will add to the programs and products within The National Project as we grow and can support more.

Pony Rider’s Commitment

Our in-kind support to date includes a donation of 300+ hours on concepts and strategy around bringing to market concepts that give back to the National Parks & Wildlife.

We made an initial financial contribution of $10,000.00 to FNPW to kick off our monetary commitment. This fee covered the launch of the Hut Restoration project, initial admin fees from FNPW to run the project and an initial contribution towards materials for Bullocks Hut. Pony Rider also committed to making regular monthly instalments that will continue to support the restoration of huts, hopefully with your support along the way!

Contribution To Date
To date we have raised over $55,000.00 dollars for our National Parks from our Inaugural ‘Wild for Wilderness’ event in 2023, your one-off donations, our fundraising hike, and via our Pony Rider commitment of 1% of all sales from the TNP gear.


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The Bigger Picture

As part of our larger strategy, we want to do more long term through activating projects that inspire, protect, and preserve our parks and have a larger impact on the community. We want people to get out there, get adventurous, and enjoy the beauty of our National Parks!

Pony Rider and The National Project



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