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At OCC Apparel, our state-of-the-art digital printing brings your designs to life on any coloured t-shirt, ensuring vibrancy and detail.

Digital printing, often referred to as direct-to-garment (DTG), is a modern evolution in the world of garment decoration. Unlike traditional methods where each colour requires a separate screen, digital printing seamlessly transfers your design directly from electronic sources onto the fabric. This means that intricate multi-coloured designs, even those with gradients and shades, can be reproduced with impeccable precision. The process is not just about printing; it's about capturing the essence of your design with every nuance intact. While it might sound complex, the underlying principle is simple: more colours don't necessarily mean higher costs. Our in-house digital printing can handle any combination of colours on any t-shirt hue, offering a plethora of mediums from eco-friendly water-based inks to vibrant pigments, all delivered with swift turnaround times.

Benefits of Digital Printing:

Eco-friendly: Digital printing utilises water-based inks, which are more environmentally friendly than the traditional solvent-based inks used in other printing techniques. This positions digital printing as a more sustainable choice.

No Minimum Order or Set-up Costs: With digital printing, there's no need for a minimum order, allowing you to print even a single t-shirt. Moreover, the absence of significant set-up costs makes it economical for smaller printing projects.

Swift Pre-production Proofs: The digital printing process ensures quick pre-production proofs and approvals, a boon if you're working against tight deadlines or need to make last-minute changes.

Artwork Flexibility: Whether it's vector art, high-resolution images, or digital photos, digital printing can handle various artwork formats, ensuring your design is reproduced faithfully.

Vibrant Colours: Bypass the spot colour vs. process colour dilemma. With direct computer printing, there's minimal margin for error, resulting in vivid and accurate colours on your printed t-shirts.

Advantages of DTG Printing:

One-time Set-up Fee: For repeated use of the same artwork and colour, DTG printing usually charges a one-time set-up fee, making it cost-effective for larger quantities.

High-quality Prints: DTG excels in reproducing intricate multi-coloured designs with impeccable precision. Expect high-quality prints with gradients, shading, and fine details.

Eco-friendly Inks: DTG uses water-based inks, aligning with the growing emphasis on sustainable practices.

Compatibility: DTG can work with a range of image formats, ensuring you don't compromise on print quality.

By harnessing the benefits of digital printing, especially DTG, you can achieve custom t-shirt designs that are eco-friendly, of high quality, and versatile in terms of colours and artwork formats.

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Kornit Digital

By 2026, Kornit's technology aims to produce approximately 2.5 billion apparel items responsibly. This shift towards on-demand manufacturing could reduce overproduction by up to 30% annually, saving an estimated 4.3 trillion litres of water each year. Moreover, Kornit's sustainable on-demand production will likely reduce CO2 emissions significantly compared to traditional manufacturing.

Brother GTX

DTG with Brother offers high resolution, sharp graphic detail, and full-colour capability. With DTG, your creativity knows no bounds. From explosive graphics to photography, everything is possible. The eco-friendly water-based pigment inks, Innobella Textile Ink, are ECO PASSPORT by OKEO-TEX® certified and CPSIA compliant. These inks ensure prints that withstand multiple washes and last even longer, all while being environmentally conscious.

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