Meet Stanley and Stella, a young and exciting brand that offers the greatest colour palette available in fabrics

Explore the vibrant and dynamic world of Stanley and Stella, a youthful and innovative brand that's part of the diverse range proudly represented by OCC Apparel. Renowned for offering the most extensive colour palette in the industry, Stanley and Stella is a trendsetter in stripes, denim washes, and vintage looks. Specialising in soft organic fabrics, they craft an array of stylish singlets, tanks, tees, polos, sweats, and hoodies. As a premium fashion brand, Stanley and Stella promise not just style but reliability too.

Strong Values and Vision

Since its inception in 2012, STANLEY/STELLA has been dedicated to simplicity and the essence of quality garment-making. Founded by Jean Chabert, the brand aims to revolutionise the textile industry by breaking traditional norms. Their mission is to offer products that are respectful of people, the environment, and customers, embodying authenticity and responsibility. These are garments designed to make a statement and drive positive change in the textile industry, championing more humane, ethical, and ecological production methods.

A Community-Centric Approach

At its heart, STANLEY/STELLA is about community. It starts with the STANLEY/STELLA Team, who are central to shaping the collections and the brand's image. This extends to their manufacturers, chosen for exceptional craftsmanship and commitment to fair working conditions, embodying the brand's values. With only 7 factories and 19 local employees based in Dhaka, STANLEY/STELLA maintains close relationships, ensuring every product aligns with their ethical standards.

Our decorators and partners, many of whom promote and personalise our collection, are integral to our community. They trust in our vision and contribute to our brand's presence.

And, of course, our final customers, who bring life to our T-shirts, sweatshirts, polo shirts, dresses, and more.

Commitment to Comfort, Durability, and Quality

Quality, durability, and comfort are ingrained in STANLEY/STELLA's DNA. Each fabric is meticulously selected for its quality and softness. 100% of the cotton used is organic, and the polyester is predominantly recycled, supporting a circular economy. Every STANLEY/STELLA product is designed to last, crafted with precision and perfection.

As OCC Apparel, we are proud to partner with Stanley and Stella, a brand that aligns with our ethos of quality, sustainability, and ethical practices. Together, we bring to you garments that are not just fashion statements but reflections of a commitment to a better, more responsible world of fashion

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Check Out Our Latest Stanley/Stella Catalogue.

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