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A classic, and lasting way to print on t shirts. It’s the most popular and often the most economical way to decorate garments. At OCC Apparel our in-house screen printing can use any combination of colours with any colour t-shirt. We print across all mediums and will complete your garments with efficient turnaround times.

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We are proud to offer a variety of “fills” to add texture and design to your embroidery. At OCC Apparel we can apply all kinds of basic embroidery including applique, free-standing lace, cutwork, cross stitch, photo stitch and basic.

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At OCC Apparel Supacolour Wearable Transfer are our most popular garment transfer, suitable for cotton, polycotton and non-sublimated polyester fabrics. Vibrant, durable, stretchy, and easy to press! Supacolour Wearables are the World’s Best Heat Transfers.

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Relabelling with OCC Apparel is a great way to add extra value to your product. It allows you to create the full branded package for your label by adding your logo, website details or product text to the tag of your garments.

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Once your order is confirmed with us at OCC Apparel we will provide you with a professional mock up. We use your order details, the information and artwork files you have supplied to create the example below. A good mock up makes the printing process seamless and eliminate errors. Any mock ups you can supply in your own format during the sales order process is greatly appreciated as visual representation is the best way to quickly communicate your particular job specifics to us

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We are a worldwide, sustainable and ethically accredited team of experts. ECA, GOTS, FAIRTRADE, FAIR WEAR, CARBON NEUTRAL & MAGNA COLOUR INKS.

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We have a strong partnership with Australia’s largest and longest serving apparel logistics provider for super-fast same day despatch of your apparel online orders.

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We are the leading global production experts in ethical, sustainable and organic branded apparel.