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Our Story

Help Make the World’s Greatest Brands Even Better

Established in 2004 we are a passionate team of experienced ethical, sustainable and organic branded apparel production experts. We care about ethical business, the environment and making sure that our clients’ apparel is world class in fit, colour & quality, ethically accredited, price competitive and always available and kept in stock.

We established OCC Apparel to enable you, our clients access to world class ethically accredited blank apparel brands from stock that you can relabel and decorate as your own. This allows your brand and business to grow without limitations. It allows you to benefit by using 100% organic cotton, recycled materials, bamboo, tencel & modal blends. Water based screen printing methods. It enables you to scale if required and have a smooth back and forth transition ordering in bulk at our ethically accredited, carbon neutral factory in India.

We produce ethical apparel items locally and/or offshore in line with your brand’s requirements, timelines and target price. We are here for the long term and don’t act in panic. Our goals are exactly the same; To consistently learn, investigate, educate and develop ethical fashionable apparel items that your clients keep coming back for and tell their social network about.

We are here because we believe in working together with our clients to nurture an apparel brand’s heart and soul with the right raw materials and the right manufacturing techniques. We bring the apparel building blocks, the experience, the underlying infrastructure, the blank canvas which allows your brand and merchandise business to get out there and sing to the world.

This is just a little bit about us. We look forward to learning a little bit about you.

Nick Barclay

Managing Director

“Our Key Principles are Quality, People & Honesty”
Nick Barclay
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We are the leading global production experts in ethical, sustainable and organic branded apparel.