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The OCC Apparel Green Star


By occ

June 22, 2017

Organic Wholesale Clothing | news 1 3 author

We noticed a lot of the best apparel companies in the world have a strong logo, an emblem, a single shining light that screams “This is us”. 

We didn’t.

We knew we were good at what we did but our existing logo just wasn’t the best representation of who we truly were and what we believed in.

The OCC part was easy, that comes from our founding company name Outdoor Clothing Concepts. Likewise the word ‘Apparel’ simple. That’s exactly what we do. But finding our own iconic mark that could best describe the 13 years of our journey to date was elusive. All we had was a series of hand drawn circles that represented an O, a C and another C. Developed over many early mornings on the backside of a farmers market pamphlet at our original organic cotton tee shirt stall.

Thankfully in 2016 we sat down with Steve Muller, Jonas Allen & Jim Watts at Bondi Advertising and we were able to design a mark that encompasses everything we have learnt to date, the clients we continue to grow with, the suppliers that support us, a logo that best tells the story of who we are today. The OCC Apparel Green Star.

We chose a fabric type woven construction to display our use of textiles and convey our commitment to unity and community. The star shape signifies our commitment to the highest quality raw materials and the highest quality manufacturing practices.We chose green as its the colour of the world we hope to live in and help support.

As a company we are very proud and inspired by our OCC Apparel – Green Star. We hope you are too.