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Organic Cotton Australian Made Fabric


By occ

July 04, 2016

OCC Organic Cotton Australian Made Fabric

Certton Organic Fabric. Since 2004 we have focused our energy on providing customers with the world’s finest organic jersey knits & organic cotton clothing, whilst maintaining our core belief of true sustainable and ethical practices.

Certton fabric has a highly regarded reputation in the as a premium knitted jersey fabric using 100% organic certified yarn, dyestuffs, and manufacturing processes in Australia.

Certton provides the garment industry with a certified organic fabric that boasts luxury texture and maintains high quality. This is achieved by working with a motivated team who is driven by innovation, high quality expectations and their personal passion for fine organic fabric.

Certton have a range of hand selected colours in stock which are specially finished to ensure we are providing the world with the best organic jersey knit. We can also offer custom colour matching, yardage printing, digital printed and bespoke knitting programs. Please see our fabric price list for further information.

Why Organic Cotton?

The benefits of using organic cotton include better health for consumers and farmers, environmental conservation and sustainability and most importantly the soft texture of the fabric.

Organic cotton means that throughout the entire manufacturing process from field to fabric there are no toxic fertilisers or chemicals used.