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We have a strong partnership with Australia’s largest and longest serving apparel logistics provider for super-fast same day despatch of your apparel online orders.

Get better value from your time and money

By outsourcing your fulfilment requirements, you get to enjoy the benefits of bulk purchasing power, which means more money stays in your pocket. In addition, you get to enter into a flexible world where you only pay for what you consume, when you consume it.

What’s more, by storing your inventory in one of three strategically located (Sydney, Melbourne & Auckland), secure warehouses, you’ll save on your existing warehousing costs and be able to scale indefinitely – both up and down as required.

You can focus on growing your business

So you’ve built a successful business after introducing your unique products into the market place? Of course, now you’ve found that there’s a serious demand on your time to get everything done. So how are you going to achieve everything from managing orders and chasing stock to picking, packing and distributing, all while ensuring your customers are happy and everything is done with speed and accuracy?

Where do you find time for sourcing new customers and growing your business? You can outsource your needs to the people who have made a living providing fulfilment services for more than 25 years now.

With extensive industry experience and the IT systems and technology in place, you can rest assured OCC Apparel will help you make the right decisions, satisfy your customers and work with you to implement the proper systems to grow your business.

By outsourcing your fulfilment needs, you’ll be able to run your business from anywhere – and that means more time to focus on the things most important to you, such as ensuring your customers are satisfied or working to perfect your product offering (and that means growing your business).

Other key advantages:

  • Peace of mind – with more than two decades experience, you can rest assured our team will provide a quality, accurate, fast and reliable service
  • No fixed contract term – You’re free to leave at any time (given your bills are paid of course – fair is fair!)
  • Variable cost – your storage cost is billed on a weekly basis for bulk pallets and shelving as required, so if you’ve got a seasonal aspect to your stock volumes, your storage costs will mirror that pattern
  • Secure facilities – rest assured knowing your materials and products are protected in our facilities with back to base alarms, long serving trusted employees and after hours security, fences and gates
  • Transport options – Our distribution options including air, road and sea freight (both domestic and international) are all based on extremely competitive costs to suit all of your transport needs
  • Information – intuitive and easy to use online support will ensure you remain up to date with a wealth of information regarding the status of your orders and inventory
  • Independence – you can make most changes to your requirements without having to track down an individual customer service agent, meaning you can make your changes 24 hours, 365 days per year.

Please contact Nick Barclay direct to discuss your fulfilment and warehousing needs: [email protected]