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Best AS Colour Screen Printer in Australia


By occ

February 02, 2017

Organic Wholesale Clothing | news 1 3 author

OCC Apparel is a proud supporter of AS Colour and have been printing on their high quality blanks from when they first started their business in Australia.

It was great for us as they were situated just down the road from our Sydney factory. The type of fabric you choose for your garment is not only important for the feel and look, it can make a big difference to the way it prints too. AS Colour specialises in fine combed cotton fabrics, which are designed specifically to screenprint better than basic carded or uncombed cotton. Combed cotton has more of the fibre removed in the knitting process, which means printing inks sit much more cleanly on the face of the shirt after printing. Combed cotton is also much better for new techniques like direct to garment (DTG) inkjet printing. Producing combed cotton garments is a more involved process and does cost more, but AS Colour is all about providing the very best blank canvases on which you can print your ideas