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T-Shirt Screen Printing


By occ

July 04, 2016

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Screen printing is a classic and lasting way to print T-shirts. It is the most popular way to decorate t shirts.

To create a screen printed T-shirt, we separate each colour in your design into individual screens.

Automated or manual machinery is then used in screen printing to overlay your chosen ink colour on to individual screens. The end result is your custom completed design.

It’s a bit more intricate than that but you get the idea. More colours = more screens and more screens = more time + cost.

Our in-house T shirt screen printing works with you! You can choose any combination of colours and any colour T-shirt can be used. We print across all mediums; discharge, water-based, plastisol, digital, or foil or metallic. We can complete your garments with crazy fast turnaround times. When screen printing dark garments a base ink is needed to ensure the colours are vibrant and match your desired Pantone colours.

Screen printing remains the industry standard and is a great option for most jobs. The only exception is low volume, multi-colour print jobs which are probably best completed with digital printing. Visit our website www.occapparel.com.au for more information.