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Stanley Stella Australia Distributore


By occ

July 05, 2016

Organic Wholesale Clothing | news 1 3 author

Meet Stanley and Stella, a young and exciting brand that offers the greatest colour palette available in fabrics.

With endless possibilities, Stanley and Stella is the leader in stripes, denim washes and vintage looks. Using soft organic fabrics that can be turned into fabulous singlets, tanks, tees, polos, sweats and hoodies.

This premium quality fashionista will not let you down.

“More than 25 years ago, I started to print my own t-shirts for my friends, university colleagues and whoever wanted to buy them. I was already driven by the will to build something, a company, a brand… Step by step my small student enterprise became bigger and bigger. I was full of ideas and imagination. I started my own company, created a few brands and never stopped challenging ideas, visions and perspectives since then.

A few years ago, still excited by the textile industry, my envy to push bounderies and the will to bring something new on the textile market, I decided to launch a brand that would take a different approach. For me that meant contemporary quality clothes made with respect, for people, nature, and environment. That meant a brand with a new way of thinking and producing. Stanley and Stella was born in 2012.

Stanley and Stella is ready and proud to take on the responsibility of facing up the challenge to change the textile’s industry long established behaviors.

I know it will take time to change these, but we can and we will.”
Jean Chabert, founder of Stanley & Stella