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To create a screen printed t-shirt, each colour in your design are separated into individual screens. Coloured t shirts require an undercoat known as base print + artwork colour.

We then place each individual screen over your garment to lay down each ink colour – the end result is your completed design.

It’s a bit more intricate than that, but you get the idea: more colours = more screens and more screens = a higher cost per print.

Our in-house screen-printing can print any combination of colours with any colour of T-shirt to your preference. We print across all mediums (discharge, water based, plastisol, GOTS certified organic, foiling or metallic, just to name a few options) and can complete your garments in super-fast turnaround times.

MagnaColours Inks

For 40 years, Magna Colours have pushed the boundaries of water-based printing inks to create innovative alternatives to plastisol. With MagnaPrint Eco-friendly water-based inks, you do not compromise on print quality. In fact they surpass plastisol in terms of stretch and hand feel. They have gone further than any one else to make screen-printing a greener and more sustainable industry – in fact, it is their mission. That’s why many printers and global brands, like Nike, Under Armour and Adidas choose to use our inks. It’s also why they were presented the Queen’s Award for Innovation. OCC Apparel currently print with Magna Colours Inks on automatic screen printing machines in Sydney.

Permaset Inks

Founded in 1958, Colormaker Industries is an environmentally responsible manufacturer of quality surface coatings. Colormaker’s success is founded on dedication and commitment to developing industry-leading products through extensive research and development as well as a focus on sustainable business practices.

Australian and privately owned since foundation, Colormaker has developed numerous innovative coatings products, including the revolutionary, eco-friendly water-based textile screen printing range of PERMASET AQUA®PERMATONE®  and PERMAPRINT PREMIUM® inks and PERMAPLASTIK® scenic paints.

All products are developed and manufactured in the Sydney based production facility under strict quality control procedures and distributed nationally and internationally, from Iceland in the North to Dunedin in South Island of New Zealand.

Our team has more than 100 years of cumulative experience in the coatings industry from manufacturing through R&D through to customer service.

Advantages of Water-Based Inks

Water – based inks are good choice when a ‘so hand’ is desirable. A so hand is the condition where the ink film cannot easily be felt with the hand when passed across the surface of the fabric. This affect is often used as an argument for why water-based is preferable to plastisol as plastisol has more of a hand than water-based.

Advantages of Plastisol

Plastisol can best be described as a ‘user-friendly’ ink because it is very easy to manage. The plastisol film once heated, sits on top of the fabric so can be printed on light and dark fabric. These inks do not dry out on the screen so can be left on screens or out for a longer time with out clogging the mesh.

It is ready to use right out of the container more than 90% of the time.

A more vivid colour is retained and in most applications, it can be printed wet-on-wet, which allows for increased production speeds.

In most municipalities, the disposal of plastisol waste is a very simple process.

This is the most economical form of screen printing.

“Our Key Principles are Quality, People & Honesty”

Nick Barclay