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Professional Mock Ups

Once your order is confirmed with us at OCC Apparel we will provide you with a professional mock up. We use your order details, the information and artwork files you have supplied to create the example below. A good mock up makes the printing process seamless and eliminate errors. Any mock ups you can supply in your own format during the sales order process is greatly appreciated as visual representation is the best way to quickly communicate your particular job specifics to us

Artwork Specifications

We want you to have the best print result possible so it is important that we have great artwork files to work with. Vector format is preferred in either an .eps, .pdf or .ai file. This format allows us to shrink and expand the artwork to suit the garment without compromising the quality of the image. If you are working with a pixel based image or program you can provide us with a .pdf, .tiff, .jpeg, .png or .psd as long as the art is at the size you intend to print it and resolution is high (300dpi is ideal) to avoid any pixilation or blurring.


Please make sure fonts you use are either generic or are converted to outlines. Please provide specific Pantone colour Codes for each of your print colours. Please ensure artwork is cropped to specified size and ready to print.

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