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Not For Profit

All Not For Profit organizations receive a discount with OCC Apparel. We started this initiative in 2004 and are very proud of the savings we have been able to supply to NFP’s so that their profits are best used for their direct actions and campaigns.

Our whole business premise and mission at OCC Apparel was founded on the NFP principles of giving back to the community and environment in order to make your dreams come alive. Our overall goal is to educate and promote the benefits of certified organic cotton farming and apparel products, along with promoting and actively participating (some would say pioneer) in the ethical apparel accreditation space.

We help NFPs by using the world’s most environmentally-friendly printing inks and techniques and the most fashionable apparel products. We can also assist with designing artwork for an upcoming campaign or event.


Need some ethical apparel to support your wonderful cause?

There is a reason why some of the world’s greatest cause-related organisations choose to work with OCC Apparel. We have been the leaders and pioneers in ethical apparel since 2004, and our standards are the highest with transparency at every stage of the process.

We love working with NFPs because of our genuinely aligned values, ethical apparel is our founding DNA. We can help make ethical apparel become an effective marketing and fundraising tool for you and your supporters. We also have online store, warehousing and pick and pack fulfillment services.